Level 2 Practice

We have good news! It seems you were heard (loud and clear!) and we have a way forward.

We are stoked to be opening the facility for practice this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday under very controlled conditions, here is the deal.

1: No groups of more than 10 you can pit with your buddies up to ten people total, but you must stay 2m away from other groups / people at all times.

2: We will limit karts on track to 10 in any session.

3: Each driver can bring 1 registered support person/mechanic. No more. The gate will be controlled you only come in if we have you on the list.

4: If you are not obeying the rules we will trailer you.

5: Wash / Sanitise your hands.

Of course, you must hold a KSNZ license and be a member of Kartsport Hamilton.

Session numbers are limited, this may mean not everyone gets their preferred day, sorry but we have made as many spots available as we can and there are enough spots for each member to get at least 1 day on track.

Registration for each day will close at 5pm the day before so we can collate the list for the on-site controller, no gate sales, late entries etc.

Please – for this first weekend so everyone gets a spot only book 1 day per driver lets be fair, we will be operating next weekend as well unless the rules change.

Sorry for all the rules – but that’s the way it is at the moment and we can’t afford to mess this up and lose the privilege.

Register at https://kartsporthamilton.nz/practice-events/


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