National Sprint Championships 2019 – Time Table

Please see below for the time table or download a copy here 

Start date Friday 19 April 2019. This is a 3 day event

Hamilton track of length 865 metres

Day One

 Gate opens07:00 
AllScrutineering calls start at07:30 
AllConfirmation starts07:00 
AllScrutineering ends08:30 
AllConfirmation ends08:30 
AllDrivers briefing08:4515 mins
Vortex ROK DVS JuniorOfficial Practice 109:1010 minutes
Rotax Max LightOfficial Practice 109:2510 minutes
Cadet ROKOfficial Practice 109:4010 minutes
Rotax DD2Official Practice 109:5510 minutes
Rotax Max LightTyre distribution10:0020 mins
Rotax Max JuniorOfficial Practice 110:1010 minutes
Cadet ROKTyre distribution10:2020 mins
Vortex Mini ROKOfficial Practice 110:2510 minutes
Vortex ROK DVS JuniorTyre distribution10:4020 mins
KZ2Official Practice 110:4010 minutes
Rotax Max HeavyOfficial Practice 110:5510 minutes
Rotax DD2Tyre distribution11:0020 mins
Vortex ROK DVS JuniorOfficial Practice 211:1010 minutes
Rotax Max JuniorTyre distribution11:2020 mins
Rotax Max LightOfficial Practice 211:2410 minutes
Cadet ROKOfficial Practice 211:3910 minutes
Vortex Mini ROKTyre distribution11:4020 mins
Rotax DD2Official Practice 211:5410 minutes
KZ2Tyre distribution12:0020 mins
Rotax Max JuniorOfficial Practice 212:0910 minutes
Rotax Max HeavyTyre distribution12:2020 mins
Vortex Mini ROKOfficial Practice 212:2410 minutes
KZ2Official Practice 212:3910 minutes
Rotax Max HeavyOfficial Practice 212:5410 minutes
AllBreak13:0951 minutes
Vortex ROK DVS JuniorQualification14:008 minutes
Rotax Max LightQualification14:138 minutes
Cadet ROKQualification14:268 minutes
Rotax DD2Qualification14:388 minutes
Rotax Max JuniorQualification14:518 minutes
Vortex Mini ROKQualification15:058 minutes
KZ2Qualification15:188 minutes
Rotax Max HeavyQualification15:318 minutes
 Runs finish15:43 

Day Two

 Gate opens07:00 
AllDrivers briefing08:3020 mins
Vortex ROK DVS JuniorTuning Run09:004 minutes
Rotax Max LightTuning Run09:074 minutes
Cadet ROKTuning Run09:154 minutes
Rotax DD2Tuning Run09:234 minutes
Rotax Max JuniorTuning Run09:314 minutes
Vortex Mini ROKTuning Run09:394 minutes
KZ2Tuning Run09:474 minutes
Rotax Max HeavyTuning Run09:554 minutes
Vortex ROK DVS JuniorHeat 110:0210 laps
Rotax Max LightHeat 110:1710 laps
Cadet ROKHeat 110:3210 laps
Rotax DD2Heat 110:4710 laps
Rotax Max JuniorHeat 111:0110 laps
Vortex Mini ROKHeat 111:1710 laps
KZ2Heat 111:3110 laps
Rotax Max HeavyHeat 111:4610 laps
AllBreak12:0145 minutes
Vortex ROK DVS JuniorHeat 212:4610 laps
Rotax Max LightHeat 213:0010 laps
Cadet ROKHeat 213:1510 laps
Rotax DD2Heat 213:3010 laps
Rotax Max JuniorHeat 213:4510 laps
Vortex Mini ROKHeat 214:0010 laps
KZ2Heat 214:1510 laps
Rotax Max HeavyHeat 214:2910 laps
Vortex ROK DVS JuniorHeat 314:4410 laps
Rotax Max LightHeat 314:5910 laps
Cadet ROKHeat 315:1410 laps
Rotax DD2Heat 315:2910 laps
Rotax Max JuniorHeat 315:4310 laps
Vortex Mini ROKHeat 315:5810 laps
KZ2Heat 316:1310 laps
Rotax Max HeavyHeat 316:2710 laps
 Runs finish16:43 

Day Three

 Gate opens07:00 
AllDrivers briefing08:3020 mins
Vortex ROK DVS JuniorPre-Final09:0015 laps
Rotax Max LightPre-Final09:1915 laps
Cadet ROKPre-Final09:3815 laps
Rotax DD2Pre-Final09:5815 laps
Rotax Max JuniorPre-Final10:1715 laps
Vortex Mini ROKPre-Final10:3715 laps
KZ2Pre-Final10:5615 laps
Rotax Max HeavyPre-Final11:1515 laps
Vortex ROK DVS JuniorFinal11:3522 laps
AllBreak12:0045 minutes
Rotax Max LightFinal12:4522 laps
Cadet ROKFinal13:1218 laps
Rotax DD2Final13:3522 laps
Rotax Max JuniorFinal14:0022 laps
Vortex Mini ROKFinal14:2618 laps
KZ2Final14:4822 laps
Rotax Max HeavyFinal15:1322 laps
 Runs finish15:40