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What. A. Day!!!

Our first Endurance event was a raging success from all accounts, mostly comments about doing something different for a Club day. All good things to hear. 2 races of 25 laps each definitely took its toll on some of the competitors, and the young ones in our (growing) Cadet class put up some good fights.
Awesome to see so many new faces around the place.
And congratulations to our Entry prize winner Kim Stevens in the Racket 120 class, who took home a set of new tyres supplied by Lascom Motorsport.

Keep an eye out for our next Club day coming up in April. As always we would love to hear your thoughts/opinions on things we can improve on. If you have any ideas for future events we would love to hear about those also. As for April? Rumor has it we might be going a bit old school…

Check out this starting grid from our Cadet class, share any other photos you may have taken throughout the day with us.
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