Practice at Level 3.2 is conducted under a KSHAM L3 H+S plan, and your adherence to the following rules is required at all times.

Compliance will be monitored, and anyone failing to comply will be asked to leave, and no longer permitted to practice under L3.2

There are morning and afternoon session available each day. Max of 13 entries per session, with 1 support person / mechanic. (Max 25 on site as per rules) There are no spectators, family etc allowed on site at any time. If you are not registered, don’t come on site it’s very simple.

Please ensure everyone gets a crack, you may not go back-to-back on any day (i.e., book for morning and evening) and please only book for one weekend slot per week as capacity is limited.

You must scan the QR code at the gate.

Please ensure you set up and pit at least 2 meters away from any other entrant, there is plenty of space.

Masks or Helmets must be worn when on the dummy grid or within 2m of any other entrant.

Do not share a flag point or viewing location with anyone outside of your bubble when karts on are on track. Again, there is plenty of space to view without been within 2m of anyone, no need for everyone to be in flag point 5.

You must be a member, who is based within the Waikato L3 boundary. Do not come if you are crossing any Covid Level boundaries to attend.



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